Mardi Gras at Hope Academy

Kids at Hope Academy got their own little taste of Mardi Gras as Gulfport Fire lent them the use of their classic fire truck to throw beads from.

All of Hope Academy showed out to the town green of Florence Gardens to both catch and throw beads and other treats.

Each class got a turn riding in the back of the classic truck and toss out goodies to their schoolmates.

Head of School Heather Blenden says the event has gone on the last seven years with the exception of 2021 due to COVID. “We appreciate Gulfport police and fire department for donating their time and their fire truck for us to use every year for this annual event, and we just take turns riding around until we run out of throws, and the kids have a great time. We did take a break last year so we’re excited to be back to normal this year, with all the COVID settling down. We’re excited to go back to normal activities this year.”

Hope Academy opened its doors in 2016.

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