Mardi Gras and its Economic Impact

The celebration lasts just a little more than a month but the ones truly celebrating Mardi Gras are the ones racking up the dollars from selling supplies.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy hit the streets to see just how much revelers are throwing to our local stores this Mardi Gras season.
Lacie Randall and her three-year-old son comb the aisles of the Mardi Gras Supplies Store, a test run as they stock up for a first time family event. “We are going to bring our ATVs to the Lizana parade. So, we’re looking for beads to throw for the kids. Seeing the kids have fun, this is the first year they’ll be able to ride in a parade so we’ll see them have fun,” said Randall.
The parades aren’t all that’s rolling. Store owner Manny Pacholula tells News 25 that over the past three weeks the store has landed about $2 million in sales. It’s not just local revelers who are buying, as Mardi Gras mania sweeps the nation. “Mardi Gras usually makes up about 75 percent and the other 25 percent during the year. We’re open all year long and we do internet sales. We ship orders all year long,” said Pacholula.
Mardi Gras supply stores aren’t the only ones benefiting from Mardi Gras season. Costume shops like Josette’s say Mardi Gras season is becoming their biggest season when it comes to sales. Co-owner Crystal Locklar said, “Mardi Gras is bigger than Halloween now. It used to be that Halloween is the big season, now Mardi Gras is definitely the bigger season. It’s just kind of how the trend went. It used to be that Halloween is what paid the bills for the year, now not so much.”
Costume accessories like train and collar rentals carry the highest price tags. The biggest customer this time of the year is the sharp dressed man wanting to look dapper at the next Mardi Gras ball. “Mainly what people get this time of year are tuxedos. We have very reasonably priced tuxedos, starting around $45,” said Locklar.
Whether one is a street reveler or royalty, these Mardi Gras stores carry a little something for everyone.

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