Mardi Gras 2021: Mardi Gras with a new twist

For more than a century, South Mississippians have celebrated carnival season and Mardi Gras.

This year, COVID has led to the cancelation of some of the Coast’s most popular and wide-spread celebrations. This new chapter in Mardi Gras history has some new twists and turns.

Let the good times roll! That was easy to say last Mardi Gras, now, COVID has revelers marching to the beat of a different drum, a question weighing on the mind of many from near and far away at the Mississippi Coastal Mardi Gras Museum as we head into the full swing of the 2021 carnival season. Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum Executive Director Anna Harris said, “They’re very interested in what we’re doing this year, and we do tell them that most of our parades and balls have all been deferred, as well as the courts, but we’re still celebrating in spirit, celebrating at home with our families, and keeping the traditions alive the best that we can.”

One way they’re doing that this year: “We’re going to do a Laissez Les Bon Temp to-go box. It’s a celebration at home kit. It will have your king cake, a lot of fun accessories.”

Boxes cost $100, all money to help the museum keep up and running. “You can decorate your home, just some really neat things we hand-picked to help you celebrate. It would be great for your office or to give to a friend who you usually spend Mardi Gras with but you can’t.”

While Mardi Gras celebrations across the board have been scaled down this year, there are some new twists. Mardi Gras Museum President of the Board Andi Oustalet said, “Just go out and do the Yardi Gras like they are in New Orleans. We’re trying to bring that over here, have people decorate their yards, whether it is residential or a commercial business. We’re going to have a contest. We’re going to have some judges go around, and we’re going to give out some prizes on Lundi Gras, the day before Mardi Gras. We’ll give them some great prizes for their decorations and their efforts. We’re really hoping people will get into it and get their yards done. They need to let us know at the Museum. Call the Mississippi Coastal Mardi Gras Museum. and make sure we know that we know that your yard has been decorated and then we’ll be able to come by and see it.”

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