March Madness impact on the Coast

Gulf Coast, it’s that time of the year again! It’s March Madness and this year that madness will have a huge impact on sports betting.

Can you feel it? The upsets, the bracket busters? It is madness time and it’s the first time people will be able to bet on the NCAA Tournament in South Mississippi legally. Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook Supervisor Nikki McGowan said, “Our lines for Thursday and Fridays games are out. People are starting to trickle in, but we are going to see a lot of buzz come Thursday.”

Duke comes into the tournament with 12 to 5 odds of winning it all, but casinos will be accepting all kinds of wagers, including bets on the spread, specific outcomes of games, and which teams will win their region. “We have special wagering right now that we are offering as a promotion on all our NCAA games. What that means is that the price of our games is less than what we typically offer.”

This is the first time the Scarlet Pearl will have the NCAA Tournament for betting. They plan to help in every way possible. When you come and place a bet there will be stats on hand to help.

According to the American Gaming Association, they expect people to place 40 percent more bets than they did in this year’s Super Bowl. “This is the biggest sporting event of the year. Everybody seems to focus on the Super Bowl, but with 16 games on Thursday, 16 games on Friday, it’s going to be a lot of hype.”

With both Mississippi State and Ole Miss in the tournament, locals will be cheering for more than just their bets. “This weekend is really going to bring in a lot of fans and fun times. They get to experience those highs and lows together. You are going to have a lot of cheering and it’s going to be a big party.”

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