Man wants mother in jail after kids in crash in Gulfport

Three children are injured, one still in the hospital, after a car crash in Gulfport turned a family’s world upside down. The father of the children is blaming his ex-wife, who was at the wheel the day of the October 29th accident.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson talked to both of the parents and brings us the details.
Eleven-year-old William Young has always dreamed of being a firefighter. Now, the Vicksburg fifth grader may be paralyzed for life, according to the doctor’s report Billy Young was given when his three sons were injured in a bad car accident Sunday, October 29th in Gulfport. While the two younger boys are in back braces, William has had seven surgeries since the crash. “He lights up the world, you know. He’s the oldest in my family, in my household. I’m in the ICU at Mobile and my family is in Vicksburg. It’s just a lot.”
Billy’s ex-wife, Sabrina Young, was driving their three children to Vicksburg the day her vehicle crashed into a ditch off Canal Road in Gulfport, hitting a culvert head-on. “I was actually going to move up there to be with my kids again. My boys are my heart.”
According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Sabrina Young was speeding and driving with an expired license. She was taken to the hospital with her three sons. Sabrina remains without charges, something Billy says he can’t understand. “Driving at a high speed, no insurance, no license. Tests will show that she tested positive for meth, benzos, and marijuana.”
According to Sabrina’s side of the story, she was driving with eyes on the road when her two younger sons, who were sitting in the back, began to fight. She says all she did was look back for a split second and that’s when the car crashed into the ditch. “It was a pure accident. Anyone could have done it.”
News 25 asked Sabrina if she was sober the day of the crash. “I had marijuana in my system, yes. I think I had Xanax too. I do have a prescription for Xanax.”
Sabrina says it’s hurting her that her ex-husband hasn’t let her see her children since the accident. Billy Young says he wants to see Sabrina behind bars. “Your dream was to be a firefighter and I suspect that’s about gone. I just want what every father or mother would want, just justice from the law.”

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