Man supporting flag outside Biloxi City Hall

One man was outside Biloxi City Hall protesting the removal of the Mississippi State flag, his way of supporting the flag and declaring this week as State Pride Awareness Week.
Matt Reardon came down from Hattiesburg to Biloxi to address Mayor FoFo Gilich about not flying the state flag at City Hall. Biloxi is one of several cities that have decided against flying the state flag.
During today’s protest, Reardon tried making his way into FoFo’s office, but was denied entry for not having an appointment. “He’s turned his back on the board of alderman as well as the citizens and has put the ultimate decision in the hands of Attorney General Jim Hood.”
City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “We don’t want to have a flag that disenfranchises a considerable section of population. You want a flag that everybody’s going to rally around, this is not the flag. So, accordingly, we still do not fly it in the City of Biloxi facilities.”
According to Reardon, he has an appointment set up with Mayor Gilich Wednesday afternoon. He says he also plans to travel across the state for the next six months in support of the state flag.

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