Man speaks about alleged alien abduction in Pascagoula

A quick fishing trip after a hot October work day in 1973 changed a man’s life forever. Calvin Parker says he was abducted by aliens on the Pascagoula River. Now, 45 years later, he is ready to share the details of what he calls a horrifying experience.

“I missed a lot of life because of this. I put the best years of my life on hold because I couldn’t go in public.” On October 11th, 1973, 19-year-old Calvin Parker was unwinding from a work day while fishing on the Pascagoula River. Little did he know, he would later be making news headlines after reporting he and 42-year-old Charles Hickson were allegedly abducted by three aliens and taken into a UFO for examinations. “They pulled at my ears, my mouth, looked inside and touched my skin and moved it. She gave a pretty thorough exam.”

Luckily for the men, after the physical examinations they were dropped back off on a Pascagoula River bank. “It was just really horrifying and it still bothers me until this day.”

The men reported the event to authorities. Two days later, Calvin Parker fled the Mississippi Coast in an attempt to leave the horrific experience in his past. Parker says he never shares details of what had happened with family or friends. “I’ve got an expiration date pinned on my head. Due to my health, I need to get this out because I don’t want to leave my family and friends all in the black on this. I want them to say well he did talk about it, he told me about it.”

After 45 years of silence, Parker has now decided to share his experience and leave a legacy by writing a book. “I didn’t want everybody to think I was a real nutcase so I wrote this book to put my legacy in it.”

Parker recently published “Pascagoula- the Closest Encounter: My Story.” It contains the first full account of the event given by Parker and includes photos, documents, and newspaper articles written through the years. “Before they make their opinion, what they need to do is buy this book, read it. It’s so well documented.”

Forty-five years later, Parker can finally tell his story, but it doesn’t change how drastically his alien encounter changed his life. “Well, I feel like it happened for a reason, but I wish it would have never happened. I was quite happy being just a little redneck boy.”

Parker will be hosting his first ever book signing on the 45th anniversary of his alien encounter on October 11th in Pascagoula.

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