Man recovering after pit bulls attack

One man is recovering after what police say was a bad pit bull attack in Long Beach yesterday.
Two dogs are under quarantine at the Humane Society in Gulfport right now. Police tell News 25 the pit bulls escaped from a yard and attacked a man jogging on Mount Bass in Long Beach around 4:30 p.m. Monday.
The jogger was rushed to Gulfport Memorial Hospital with injuries to both legs, arms, and in the chest area.
Long Beach authorities say the situation could have been a lot worse if a child were to be attacked instead of an adult. Officer Kerry Hall with Animal Control said, “We did transport both animals to the Humane Society last night and Mississippi requires a ten day quarantine so they are quarantined just as a rabies prevention program. Immediately we got the animals and decided against a home quarantine because we weren’t sure the homeowners could maintain the animals within the confines of the home as required by the law once the animal is deemed a dangerous dog.”
Police say there was no deep tissue trauma and the man was released from the hospital after some stitches from the dog bites.

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