Man jump ropes across America to raise awareness for suicide prevention

After the death of his son, Daryl Rosenberger decided to jump rope across the country to raise awareness for the current suicide epidemic.

Today, Rosenberger landed in Biloxi to discuss his incredible feat.

After his son Drew took his own life in October 2020, Jacksonville native Daryl Rosenberger decided he wanted to do something to bring awareness to suicide prevention and bipolar disorder.

In October 2021, he packed an RV and decided to begin a 2,400-mile journey of jump-roping across the United States. “I just wanted to do something kind of crazy to honor him and to bring awareness to the suicide epidemic and to help other folks that are struggling.”

Rosenberger began his route in Torrey Pines, California, just north of San Diego and jump ropes about 15 miles each day. He traveled down California and continued his journey along the southern border which led him to Mississippi. Rosenberger will complete the trip in six weeks where he will land in Jacksonville, Florida. “We’re actually going to have a celebration down at Jacksonville Beach on May 7th, so my knees got to at least hold out because I can’t really afford any down days, you know?”

Rosenberger currently runs an account on the social media app ‘TikTok’ called ‘Jumping for Drew and You’ that allows people to follow his journey and experience it with him.

As of today, the account has more than 27,000 followers. Rosenberger has also been able to collect more than $10,000 in donations to go towards suicide prevention and bipolar disorder. “That’s really what this whole trip was about. It’s to try to help people realize that there is hope out there – don’t give up hope no matter what.”

When Rosenberger gets home, he’ll celebrate his journey with friends, family, and followers who have come along the way. Daryl’s wife and Drew’s step-mother Diane Rosenberger said, “I’m very proud of him and the journey that he’s made and that he hasn’t given up. It’s getting exciting that it’s getting to the end, but more than anything, this is about Drew.”

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