Man in Jail, Woman Shot now in Hospital

A News 25 exclusive: a man and woman are caught on tape as they come face to face with police in the backyard of a D’Iberville home following a high speed chase.
News 25’s Laurene Callander has the exclusive video captured by home surveillance cameras as it all went down.
A high speed chase, hit and run, and two suspects fleeing from police all spilled over into Warren and Monet Perry’s backyard. Little did the suspects know they were caught on tape. “Couple people jumped over the fence, ran into our backyard, and then the police were right here after them,” said Monet Perry.
The Perrys installed video cameras after a home burglary. Monday night, their backyard looked more like a scene from an action movie as deputies chased down the suspects after the two allegedly refused to pull over the stolen vehicle they were in, slamming into a D’Iberville police cruiser, and t-boning an innocent bystander’s car. This shattered the silence of what was supposed to be a mundane Monday night. “Sit down and watch a little TV and think everything is fine and all of a sudden there’s a lot of commotion, a lot of people around, a lot of police, fire trucks,” said Monet Perry.
The couple watched from a window on the side of their home as the two suspects came face to face with police officers. “It didn’t take them but maybe five minutes or so and they apprehended somebody and took them off and then they were searching around in the backyard for I guess any other evidence,” said Monet Perry.
It all ended with the passenger in the stolen truck being carried away on a stretcher after being shot by a Jackson County deputy.
The driver, 31-year-old Carl Daniel Young Jr., was taken away in cuffs and charged with felony fleeing and possession of a stolen vehicle.
As for the Perrys, they’re left with memories of a night they won’t soon forget.
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says the suspect who was shot used a fake identity at the time of her arrest. Authorities say she is a 35-year-old homeless Jackson County resident named Catrick Moye-Howell.

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