Man Dies in Fire he Started in His Own Home in Pascagoula

The Pascagoula Police Department responded to a shooting at the Walgreens in Pascagoula Sunday.

According to police, a woman and her mother were sitting inside their vehicle behind the Walgreens when the woman’s husband started shooting at the car. The car was hit twice, but the two women did not get hurt. The suspect, Elarry Brumfield, was found inside of his house on Merrywood Drive in Pascagoula. While trying to communicate with the suspect from outside the house, he set the house on fire.

Captain Shannon Massey, Director of Operations, says, "The Fire Department tried to extinguish the fire from the outside. Him being a suspect in a shooting incident and knowing that he had a weapon, they fought the fire from the outside. Once we were able to extinguish most of the fire, then we saw that he was inside of the house deceased."

Captain Massey says they are still waiting on an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

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