Man allegedly attacked over state flag

A recent incident in Hattiesburg regarding the state flag encourages one Coastal woman to remind people of the importance of voting. News 25’s Kendra Turley sat down with Deborah Simpson and brings us her story.
A state flag demonstration quickly turned into an investigation after a man was allegedly attacked with pepper spray. Flag supporter Deborah Simpson was just a few feet away when the incident occurred in Hattiesburg on Sunday. “We’re all just sitting and visiting and here comes one person who doesn’t like that flag. She puts up a sign which causes a whole big issue to happen. It said ‘racist’ with an arrow pointing to our group,” said Simpson.
Simpson says she considered the racist sign somewhat comical because the group of protesters was a mix of blacks and whites. She and her husband even posed for a picture next to it. “After he finished taking the picture, he gave a thumbs up. We turned, not having said a word to her, started to walk away and she calls out after us ‘house slaves.’”
When a man from the group of protesters heard about the name calling, he approached the woman in Simpson’s defense. That’s when the woman sprayed pepper spray in his eyes according to Simpson. “We said what happened? What did you say? All he said to her was according to him he said ‘you’re the racist for calling them house slaves.’”
The man has since filed an affidavit form of simple assault against the woman. In the meantime, Simpson hopes to open more eyes to the way she views the flag. “The flag supporters talking about heritage and history and all that and the other people talking about hate and all that, both of them are wrong as to why we’re out there supporting the flag. It’s because the people voted for it.”

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