Making noise in honor of Cruisers killed in 2016

Driving down Highway 90 its easy to spot all of the classic cars on the road, but something else is catching Cruisers’ attention.

It’s a special tribute to a couple who couldn’t be here today following a tragic accident during ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ three years ago.

Wayne and Jane Burrow were loyal Cruisers, coming to the show every year from Texas. Their last ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ was October 3rd, 2016 when the couple was killed in a crash. Cruiser Bonnie Denton said, “We went out in the country, north east of the Biloxi area, and it was just a freak accident. They were hit and killed at the scene.”

Now, Bonnie and her husband, Donny Camp, are making sure their late friends are never forgotten with a sign asking Cruisers to honk in their memory. “Each time people honk, it just brings back another memory or just a smile or a tear.”

Bonnie and her husband were behind Wayne and Jane when the accident happened three years ago. Bonnie says coming back to Biloxi is always emotional. “Oh, we have to come back and remember them, and remember the good times. I know they would want us to be here. It was something we loved and we want to carry it on.”

Bonnie tells News 25 as long as she and her husband are at ‘Cruisin,’ Wayne and Jane will always have a seat to watch the show, right next to the Texas flag that was on the back of the couple’s car when they crashed. “Those are Wayne and Jane’s chairs. Their family was gracious enough to let us keep their chairs and the flag. We have the chairs set up and we built crosses this year.”

Bonnie says even beyond the honking, they see constant reminders of their good friends everywhere. “There will be two butterflies just flying around under our pop-up and we know that’s Wayne and Jane.”

You can spot this touching tribute at the corner of Highway 90 and St. John’s Avenue.

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