Making Cruisin’ a family affair

All week long we’ve been checking out some of the hottest rides and the coolest cruisers to roll through South Mississippi during Cruisin’ the Coast, today Murray Armstrong’s beautiful ’57 Chevrolet caught our eye so we had to stop and take a look.
Back in 1957, the car belonged to Armstrong’s mother and father, Charlene and Murray Sr., but this ride looks much different than it did back when they bought it brand new. Murray and his brothers, who always attend Cruisin’ as a family, restored the car for their late father and the Chevy’s namesake “Wooly Bully.” “It’s a little bit of a hotrod, also can cruise with it and everything, like I said, It’s got a lot of sentimental value to me. I love cruising around in it.”
Charlene Armstrong said, “It’s in my heart. This car is in my heart. It’s just part of our history. My husband absolutely loved it and as we got older and it sat and sat and we didn’t have the money to restore it, my three sons got together and restored it for their dad and it’s just beautiful.”
Don’t let this classic fool you, Armstrong and his brothers made sure horsepower was a priority during the restoration and he regularly races the car at drag strips, finishing in the 12 second range.

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