Making a Tidal Wave of difference on Charity Day

Tidal Wave Auto Spa of Ocean Springs chose Disability Connection to partner with this year to celebrate their 13th annual Charity Day.

All day Tidal Wave Auto Spa had a donation jar set up for people to donate towards Disability Connection. Disability Connection is focused on creating a connected community to provide social support, ensure healthy futures, eliminate barriers, and foster cooperation and understanding for people with disabilities. Disability Connection Director Janie O’Keefe said, “Partnerships with local businesses are very, very important to us and realizing that a lot of people, all the people that we serve, have family members who own businesses on the Gulf Coast or work at businesses. So, it’s just a great community partnership where they are reaching back to help us raise the funds to provide free services to about 2,500 people with disabilities a year.”

Fifty percent of the donations will go towards Disability Connection and the other 50 percent will go toward a national charity.

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