Makin’ Groceries in Biloxi selling allergy-friendly King Cakes

It’s King Cake season and one local plant-based café specializes in making King Cakes that are ideal for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Makin’ Groceries on Howard Avenue in Biloxi dishes out vegan and gluten-free King Cakes during Carnival season, both of which are dairy-free, egg-free, and refined-sugar free.

News 25 caught up with Owner Lauren Turner as she was putting the finishing touches on her signature gluten-free King Cake. Their vegan option tastes like your ordinary King Cake and can have apple, berry, or cashew cream filling. The gluten-free option is more similar to the consistency of a Bundt cake and contains apples.

Both are tasty using quality ingredients. Turner said, “The gluten-free option is very healthy. It doesn’t have any refined sugar. We use maple syrup and pure unrefined cane sugar to sweeten it. It’s more of a hearty-textured batter and it’s protein dense and good for you.”

To order your King Cake, giving Makin’ Groceries a call or visit their website.

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