Make-A-Wish raffle truck

You can be the owner of a 1936 Ford pickup and it may only cost you ten dollars.
Every year, Cruisin’ the Coast raffles off an antique vehicle with all proceeds heading to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year’s vehicle is a 1936 Ford truck with power windows, white sidewalls, and fat man chassis.
On average, the foundation receives around $25,000 from the raffle, but they are not the only charity organization with ties to Cruisin’ the Coast. Cruisin’ the Coast Executive Director Woody Bailey said, “Twelve car clubs that help with Cruisin’ the Coast and they are compensated based on the number of vehicles that register at Cruisin’ the Coast and the money that they receive we ask them to contribute to their charities. There are other charities too throughout the Gulf Coast that get to participate in Cruisin’ the Coast.”
You can purchase a ten dollar ticket or three for $25 at Cruise Central in Gulfport. They will be selling tickets all week with a final drawing on Sunday.

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