Magnolia flag flies over city properties in Gulfport

History is forever changed as a new flag flies over all city offices in Gulfport.

It’s a new day. Jeffrey Hulum III is a retired veteran and serves as CEO of the nonprofit group ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend.’ He says he could barely sleep Tuesday night after the Gulfport City Council issued a unanimous decision not to fly the current state flag on city property. “It’s just such a historic moment that the confederate battle flag came down in the city buildings. It’s just something that you can’t describe. I wish my grandparents were here to see this.”

Hulum spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting. He sees the decision as a victory, foreshadowing many changes for the city.  “It just lets me know that the leadership we have on the Gulfport City Council embodies the leadership it takes to make a city come together as one and can truly stand behind one Coast because they all went against some of their constituents’ moral beliefs for the betterment for all people.”

While the Magnolia flag is now waving over Gulfport City offices, Hulum believes South Mississippi now needs to come together to remove the Confederate monument in front of the Harrison County Courthouse where the board of supervisors meet. He hopes this change will soon unfold and says it is a long time coming, but is hopeful.”We’re looking upon the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to remove the monument. So this Friday at 5:45 p.m. we will be having a rally about this statue at the Harrison County Courthouse. Hoping that Harrison County will take leadership, take the statue down, removing, and replacing it to Beauvoir, which is a more respectful place.”

As a veteran, Hulum offers his perspective on the controversy surrounding the current state flag flown elsewhere now and this monument. “As an American soldier we fight for the American way of life for all people to come back and see the Confederate flag that stands for a few people, that’s not right. That’s a kick in the gut. Every day I walk to the courthouse and see the monument or down in city hall see the flag or walk to the water department and see the flag. That’s not right to have to go back and see that flag as a veteran.”

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