Mad Potter’s Garden Club hosts Foraging Among the Oaks event

Mad Potter’s Garden Club hosted a morning foraging expedition on the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art campus.

Guests were able to enjoy sampling food grown in the community garden, get a tour of the foraging garden established at the museum, and learn about the native plants that were used by Native Americans.

Guests learned about what they can and cannot eat while finding sustenance from things grown in their own backyard. Food Writer and Critic Julian Brunt said, “We have really lost touch with nature. In the older days, everybody knew what the edibles and medicinals were in the woods or out in the yard, but we have gotten away from that completely. So, the idea of the foraging classes is to show people what a garden it is out there. I think most people if dropped off in the middle of the woods, they would probably starve to death pretty quick, but there are so many things to eat and we have just forgotten about it.”

The Mad Potter’s Garden Club helps with maintenance of the forage garden, the labyrinth, and the community gardens.

The group meets every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon and are always looking for volunteers to join.

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