Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church holds Wild Game Feast in Ocean Springs

A wild time was had at Dr. Martin King Jr. Memorial Park in Ocean Springs.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church has hosted a ‘Wild Game Feast’ at MLK Park for more than 30 years.

The event exudes aromas of an exotic fair and is held every year to celebrate the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The wide variety of booths included gator, squirrel, hog, deer, and even rabbit!

Organizers say this year is different because people truly need to reach out and lean on one another. Wild Game Feast Coordinator Charles Guy said, “That’s what we ask you to do. We ask you to be prayerful and we ask everyone to set their life as an example to hopefully complete his dream because with all of us working together, that dream can be completed.”

Macedonia Baptist Church Pastor John Robinson said, “We are celebrating community unity. It’s a beautiful bouquet of different ages, different colors, different people with different ideas coming together in Christian love.”

All of the food at the Wild Game Feast was free to the public, but donations were encouraged.

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