Mabus and Palazzo Speak at Ingalls

Today, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Congressman Steven Palazzo were at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula addressing hundreds of shipbuilders.
Mabus tells News 25 he is in the process of visiting several American shipyards to thank those that have allowed him to commission more ships for the Navy in his time as secretary than the last three combined.
Palazzo is currently running for re-election as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. News 25 spoke to him this afternoon about recent requests for investigation into claims that he was AWOL during his two years of service to the National Guard. “I mean, what do you expect from a liberal Democrat supporting his liberal Democrat buddy? This has been asked and answered. The National Guard is on record as saying that Sergeant Palazzo has met his service obligations to the National Guard and I continue to refer your questions back to them. There’s nothing to hide, but again partisan politics. This just shows, it’s a desperate attempt,” said Palazzo.
Earlier this week, Representative David Baria sent a letter of inquisition to the National Guard to look into these claims. After hearing what Congressman Palazzo had to say, David Baria offered this quote to News 25: “I was unaware that the National Guard has gone on record about claims that Palazzo went AWOL or I would not have requested an investigation. If Sergeant Palazzo has served his time with the National Guard, this investigation will reveal that.”

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