Lyman Elementary students dress up as ‘idioms’ for figure of speech lessons

Teachers are getting creative in the classroom with hopes of it helping their students learn.

Fourth graders at Lyman Elementary are learning about figures of speech and teacher Katie Papania noticed her students were struggling with idioms.

Taking advantage of Halloween, she thought it would be a great idea for the students to come to school dressed as their favorite idiom.

Examples include ‘raining cats and dogs,’ ‘hitting the books,’ ‘copy cats,’ and so much more.

The students were very proud of the figures of speech they came up with. Papania said, “I just feel like it’s something that they’re gonna remember and they’ll be able to like reflect back on it and it’ll give them a good reference point for idioms in the future and they’re always going to remember oh my friend dressed up as that, and that she told me that that means this and so I just think it’ll be a really good memory for them as well as a good reference point for them in the future.”

Faculty and staff all over the school joined in on the fun to support the students.

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