Lumberton Man Makes it to Hollywood Round of American Idol

Millions watched Wednesday night as contestants on American Idol performed for the judges, all hoping to secure their spot as they reach for the stars. Michael Simeon, from Lumberton, Mississippi, sang his heart out and got his ticket to Hollywood.

It’s the voice heard around the country on Wednesday night’s American Idol. It earned Simeon a golden ticket to Hollywood, but it came as no surprise to the people that know him in Lumberton. Blake Ford, a Lumberton High School senior, says, "We always knew he had this talent. I actually have one of his CDs from back in high school, looking for that now, but we always knew he was something special."

After the audition, Simeon slow danced and serenaded musical icon and American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, leading many to wonder if singing is his only gift. Javier Chavis, another Lumberton High School senior, says, "I thought it was pretty cool for him to dance with one of the hottest girls on the planet. Kinda’ wish I was in his shoes."

As valedictorian of his class and a state champion football player, Simeon is multi-talented, but friends feel he made the right career choice. Chavis also says, "He worked real hard, but I just say he sings a little bit better."

Simeon is no stranger to the stage, finishing third overall in last year’s WXXV Search for a Superstar competition. With a population just under 3,000 people, Lumberton is your typical Mississippi small town, but this small town has been hiding big talent. Mason Smith, Simeon’s father and a U.S. history teacher at Lumberton High, says, "Whenever you see your children participate in something and then get success in that and be recognized, especially as a father, it can be overwhelming."

Millions of viewers will be tuning in this season and with all eyes on south Mississippi, Lumberton residents are proud of their local son. Summer Hartfield, another Lumberton High senior, says, "We’re all just very excited to have such a great person representing Lumberton in a positive way."

While he’s living it up in Hollywood, he’ll have the hopes and dreams of Mississippians with him. Smith closes, "I love you. I’m excited for you and looking forward to the possibilities that will take place and looking forward to Hollywood week."

Tune in to American Idol on WXXV FOX this season to follow Simeon’s journey to stardom.

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