Lucedale Man Accused of Kidnap and Sexual Assault Found Dead in Hotel Room

The search is over for a Lucedale store manager accused of kidnapping and raping a woman over the weekend. Lucedale police tell News 25 the suspect, 40-year-old Stephen Eugene Howell, has been found dead in a Hattiesburg hotel room.
Early Sunday morning the Lucedale Police Department received a call that a woman had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by Howell at the local Jr. Food Mart.
The victim told police that Howell allegedly asked her to go around the back of the gas station. He then struck her on the head, zip tied her hands and duct taped her mouth then brought her up the road to the Western Motel where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her. She escaped when Howell fell asleep.
Sgt. Stuart Fairchild with the Lucedale Police Department said, “A combination of data, electronic data, via cell phone, also some leg work put in the Marshals in that area, spotted the vehicle and they did more work and they ended up finding him in that fashion.”
Sgt. Fairchild says when U.S. Marshals found Howell, he no physical injuries. His body is now being taken to Jackson for an autopsy.

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