Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves Says Progress is Key

While we’ve come so far since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina ten years ago, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves says it’s important we keep moving forward.
Reeves said he’s impressed with the progress the Coast has been able to make and he’s committed to ensuring it continues. Reeves said to continue trying to foster an environment to create private sector job growth, encouraging capital investment in the Coast.
Reeves tells News 25 he believes BP money will be crucial to helping the Coast continue to recover from Katrina. “The recent BP settlement is something that’s going to lead to significant amount of resources available to invest in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. And I think that’s something that I’m certainly committed to and I hope everyone else is committing to ensuring we have proper infrastructure in place that, again, continues to encourage capital investment in our state.”
Reeves also said it’s important to keep promoting tourism on the Coast.

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