Lt. Gov. Speaks Out About Test Score Drop

Although the drop in test scores since the implementation of Common Core was expected, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves says there’s no excuse for the lower scores. The Lieutenant Governor was the guest speaker at a legislative luncheon Tuesday, sponsored by the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce. Local business leaders and non-profit workers were among the hundreds of people who attended the event.

The bulk of Reeves’ key note speech focused on education in Mississippi. Reeves praised the state legislature’s recent approval to raise teacher salaries by $3,500. He also touted the success of consolidating schools throughout the state, pointing out that the measure has saved millions of dollars in education costs, money that can be redirected back in the classroom. Reeves also says the state is heading in the right direction when it comes to education, but he believes students can do better on state tests, even with the implementation of Common Core.

Reeves says, "In Mississippi, we have to improve the overall actual attainment level of our citizens and we can’t be satisfied, nor can we make excuses about where the scores are. We have to continue to drive to improve them."

The Lieutenant Governor also addressed the state budget, saying the state’s rainy day fund is at maximum capacity and that may lead to a tax cut for Mississippians next year.

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