Lowe’s employees go to Texas

On the 26th of August, Lowe’s Home Improvement store announced a $500,000 contribution to American Red Cross Disaster Relief to help provide food, emergency shelter, and relief supplies to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
However, the generous donation is not the only thing that the home improvement store is doing. A group of 12 Lowe’s employees left their normal post at the Lowe’s in Gautier early Sunday morning to take up a short term position at several different Lowe’s locations around southeast Texas. Lowe’s Store Manager Brian Bounds said, “We are sending a group out to Houston. The mass flooding out there and we are trying to help get the stores open and there are several stores that have closed so we are trying to get those open to be able to help the community.”
The home improvement store will continue to send groups of employees to help with the stores in Houston for many weeks until all locations have reopened.

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