“Pokémon” Takes Over the Coast

“Pokémon Go” is sweeping the nation. People here on the Coast seem to love the new app.
News 25’s Hank Davis tells us how businesses are benefitting from the frenzy.
“Pokémon” have been around since the mid-90’s, but an app released last week has thrust the catchable creatures back into the spotlight. Across the world, millions have downloaded “Pokémon Go” and local landmarks, like the Biloxi Lighthouse, or popular businesses, like the Hard Rock Casino, have been swarming with “Pokémon” trainers.
All you need is a cellphone to fill the real world with these digital characters. The app is affecting our community in ways we never imaged. Percy Robinson was out catching “Pokémon” today. He said, “I see a lot of businesses now, even the mall, posting that there are “Pokémon” in the area. I feel like it can boost their business and it’s another way of marketing. It can help them out in the long run.”
Local businesses are realizing that in search of “Pokémon,” these large crowds can drastically increase the amount of foot traffic in areas where they do business. Cynthia Pickreign said, “I actually found myself in Ocean Springs recently. I don’t drive there whatsoever. I actually found a really good pizza spot.”
While businesses may be embracing the app, it is causing concern as it could pose a threat in high traffic areas. Because the app utilizes cellphone cameras and encourages public exploration, one place “Pokémon Go” is a no-go is the Seabee Base in Gulfport.
App users believe the app will bring more benefits than it will harm. “Pokémon Go” user Sean Casper said, “It’s just a great thing. It brings back the nostalgia. It’s just a fun thing that everybody can do and everybody’s been having a great time with it.”
“It’s just a whole lot of positivity and a whole lot of people coming together and actually enjoying their time. It’s actually really, really good. In spite of all the negativity that’s going on in the media, it’s nice to see something just so pure and so good out there,” said Pickreign.

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