‘I Love My Playground’ Party

Hundreds of kids headed out to one local park to give back on Earth Day.
The ‘I Love my Playground’ Party was held at Bruce Ladner Memorial Park in Gulfport. The Disability Connection playground at the park prides itself on being a place where every child can play, regardless of their disabilities.
Disability Connection representatives invited children and adults out to help clean up the park. It wasn’t all work and no play though. Once the park was cleaned up, adults and children played on the playground and even played a little soccer. Disability Connection Program Director Kathy Stafford said, “We want the kids to come out so they can have some pride in their playground and then have a great day to enjoy their playground. We want them to take home that this is their playground and they can come out here anytime to play and have pride in it and know that they’ve done something here. They’ve planted something, they’ve raked, they’ve mulched, they’ve cleaned and that they had a great day here today.”
The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation also provided free helmets.


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