Too Loud and Too Late in Bay St. Louis?

In Bay St. Louis, residents and bar owners are at odds over the volume of live music in the downtown area. News 25’s Hank Davis visited the area today and gives us the details.
Bay St. Louis is a town filled with tourist attractions, nestled on the water and home to many popular bars and restaurants.
Recently, residents are finding the loud music at late hours difficult to deal with. The city has heard these complaints and is looking into a solution, but sound ordinances can be tricky. “One of the issues we have is we have residential and commercial co-mingled in our downtown districts, which causes some problems. There’s just so many technicalities with the sound ordinance with decibel levels that you want to monitor at certain hours of the day,” said Bay St. Louis Councilman Doug Ward.
Roger Caplinger, part owner of Buoys, a popular spot that hosts live music regularly, recently spoke to the City Council on behalf of the businesses in the downtown area, in hopes of emphasizing the importance of the live music to these venues. “It’s the second fastest growing city in all of Mississippi and it’s all because of what we’re doing in the so called entertainment district,” said Caplinger.
Keith Rubio, owner of the Ugly Pirate, says that until recently, his business never received complaints from anyone. “Just within the past probably three or four months, they were complaining and calling the police all the time.”
There’s no clear win-win situation for businesses and residents at the moment, but bar owners say they are trying to minimize the inconvenience for residents. “I use to play my music until 11 o’clock, which I’ve got an event permit for music. I was asked to stop at 10 o’clock and I’ve complied,” said Rubio.
“On Friday and Saturday night at 2 o’clock they’re out of here. Everybody’s out of here. I don’t have to, I just do it because I feel like that’s the decent thing to do,” said Caplinger.

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