Long Beach smoke alarm installation

The Long Beach Fire Department is working with the state fire marshal’s office to prevent fire fatalities.
The department is currently accepting applications from homeowners to install smoke alarms in their home. The firefighters will personally set up the life saving devices free of charge.
Long Beach firefighters worked a fatal house fire back in February where an elderly man lost his life while his home erupted into flames. Smoke alarms were not installed in that particular home.
Officials urge residents to sign up in hopes that the devices could possibly save their life. Long Beach Fire Assistant Chief Griff Skellie said, “It is a terrible thing and you know when you’re sleeping, the chemicals in smoke put us into a deeper sleep so our smoke alarms are our best. They’re our best alert system.”
To apply visit Long Beach Central Fire Station on Klondyke Road and fill out an application. For information you can also call the department at 228-863-7292. Apartment complexes do not qualify.

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