Long Beach Schools Have New Leader

Long Beach schools are set to kick off this week with a new leading man. Dr Jay Smith took over as long beach superintendent over the summer. Dr. Smith has over 24 years of experience in education; including recent stints as principal of Brookhaven high school and most recently assistant superintendent with the north pike school district. This morning, long beach school district teachers gathered at long beach high for a convocation and breakfast event. Dr Smith tells News 25, he’s been sharing his vision for the school district with these educators, but he also wants parents to know he has their child’s future in mind. Dr. Jay Smith, Long Beach Schools Superintendent, “We’re going to do everything we can possibly do to keep your child safe. That is obviously utmost important to us. So school safety is very, very, important to us. It’s at the top of our list, but just below school safety we’re going to do whatever we can to prepare your student for the workforce or college or career, whatever their choice may be. Military or what have you. “Long Beach schools are back in session tomorrow.

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