Long Beach School District receives $10,000 donation

The Long Beach School District received a donation of $10,000 from Alliance Health Center to help with its Early Learning Program.

The collaboration supports the district’s pre-k program with the added benefit of receiving tax credits on next year’s tax filings.

The school already has started a pre-k program that began in August, but was limited in the number of students since the school had only five classes dedicated for the program.

The donation will be used for supplies and teacher’s salaries, but the main goal is to avoid tuition while the program expands in the future. Assistant Superintendent Kelleigh Broussard said, “There’s numerous research that substantiates the benefits of getting that jumpstart, that early start in learning. The earlier, the sooner that we can get involved in educating our children and exposing them to literacy and numeracy, it provides them with a foundation that sets them up for success for their entire lives.”

The tax credit gives residents and businesses the opportunity to benefit students by diverting their state tax liability to remain local.

To make a donation, email Kelleigh.broussard@lbsdk12.com.

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