Long Beach Police and Fire participate in ‘Battle of the Badges’ fundraiser

Some of Long Beach’s finest engaged in a friendly competition on Saturday to help both our two legged and four legged friends in the community.

‘Battle of the Badges’ brought together the Long Beach police and fire departments as well as the public to donate blood and pet supplies throughout the day. The event also featured an adoption drive for cats looking to find a forever home.

The battle was the first official fundraiser for ‘Batman’s LBMS Animal Rescue Foundation’ with the goal of helping the Animal Control Division of the Long Beach Police Department and those needing blood locally and across the country. Wendy Wagner with the ‘Batman’s LBMS Animal Rescue Foundation’ said, “We thought we needed to give back to him and the community. So, we created the foundation and the foundation helps Officer Hall and also emergency vet expenses, but mostly for Officer Hall and what his group does.”

‘Batman’s Animal Rescue Foundation’ is planning more fundraisers in the future. You can find out more about their mission on their Facebook page.

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