Long Beach Mayor George Bass diagnosed with cancer

Long Beach Mayor George Bass made a public announcement last week that he has cancer.

The cancer he is diagnosed with is Non-Hodgkin’s B Cell Lymphoma, which affects part of the immune system where white blood cells called lymphocytes grow abnormally and can form tumors throughout the body.

He said the cancer was discovered when he went to have what he thought was a hernia checked.

Bass will be treated by Memorial Hospital Oncologist Dr. Alison Wall. He will have treatment every six weeks and then eventually every three weeks. By that time, he hopes to be in remission.

Not knowing how he will react to the treatment, the mayor is leaving Alderman Donald Frazer in charge as Mayor Pro Tem if he can’t be in office, but plans to continue working until he is not able to. “It is just overwhelming to know that I have friends, acquaintances, maybe that person I met one time, that are praying for me. I certainly feel the prayers. You know, it’s like I said, either I’m healed here or I’m healed in Heaven. I’m healed.”

Mayor Bass is leaning on his strong faith and feels positive about beating the cancer.

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