Long Beach High School seniors graduate at the Coast Coliseum

Tonight, Long Beach High School seniors walked across the stage at the Coast Coliseum.

After surviving high school through the pandemic and Hurricane Zeta, the class of 2021 sees light at the end of the tunnel.

They are the first graduating class to be back at the Coliseum with the ability to invite family and friends without masks or capacity restrictions.

Long Beach Graduating Senior Kameron Prestonbach tells News 25 she looks forward to going to college with her best friend. “Being a high school student during the pandemic definitely had it’s challenges, but our class and our faculty and our teachers came together to make it a really special year for us amidst all the challenges. Graduating in the Coliseum has definitely been really exciting. We didn’t really think we’d be able to do it. So, we’re happy everybody is here, full capacity, we’re able to do it.”

The Coliseum will be hosting high school graduations throughout the rest of the week and this weekend.

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