Long Beach High School has new protection procedures

Long Beach High School goes the extra mile to keep their students safe for the new school year.

With students returning to school from summer break, when it comes to security measures at Long Beach High School, Principal Justin Sutton feels it is a major priority. “The goal is to just limit any kind of danger that can come to our students and keep them safe every single day, help them learn, and help them be the best.”

The school’s security system has two different phases. The first phase is the personal phase. “Teachers pay a lot of attention to their students and will usually report something to higher authority if something is off.”

The second phase is making sure any intruder does not get into the school. “There’s really two accessible places to get into campus at any time, either by the front office or the back.”

Long Beach High took extra safety measurements by getting a four-gate lock system for their kids that is only capable of being opened by staff.

Campus Officer Nate Stirrat tells News 25 his strategy to keep students safe. “You want to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. You have to make a plan to make sure you have backups. So, here, if a situation would happen here, I know my backup is on the way. My main job is to address that threat, get it taken care of.”

Along with an officer patrolling the halls, cameras are mounted around the perimeter of the campus for additional surveillance. “No matter what die-hard situation happens, my job is to keep your kids safe.”

“Kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe and our job, number one is to keep them safe, number two to educate them. We always want to make sure kids come back home.”

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