Long Beach family creates yard art for Halloween

It might be a trick to make Halloween a treat this year, but one Long Beach family is making it a little easier.

Four years ago, Maggie Kahle and her mom began a tradition of hand-making movie characters at their home on Royal Drive to decorate the yard for the holidays.

From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ in their first year to this year’s theme of ‘Hotel Transylvania,’ the duo begins painting a month in advance and each character takes three to four days to complete.

Maggie says they try to keep the yard whimsical for the kids and they’ve received a lot of great feedback over the years. “Anytime we’re outside in the yard, someone will stop and make comments. I’ve had personal messages sent to me; a lot of kids call this the TV house or the movie house because all the characters are up to date to their time. We plan on having Halloween this year, hopefully COVID’s not going to put a damper on that. We’ve looked into some social distancing type things. We want people to come by. We love when people come and take pictures in the yard.”

The real fun begins at night when they turn on the lights for each character. Ghostbuster ghosts also fly around and on the night of Hallow’s Eve they’ll turn on the music and fog machine.

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