Long Beach family caregiver named Mississippi Hero

Not all heroes wear capes so Mississippi Heroes gives them one.

Mississippi Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing everyday heroes who selflessly provide care to others while asking nothing in return.

Deborah Helton was named a Mississippi Hero for all that she does as a family caregiver. All day long she takes care of her daughter Rebecca, who has special needs.

She also spends time calling bingo for her elderly friends and she cared for her husband for many years before he passed away from cancer in 2019.

Debbie kept saying that she wasn’t worthy of the recognition which further shows she’s very deserving. “I had no idea my sister was nominating me for this. I don’t think I’m worthy. It humbles a person to be nominated like this. I love God and I love family and I just be myself.”

Debbie also tells us that her favorite part of the house is a wall dedicated to all the artwork done by her children and grandkids.

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