Long Beach community comes together to help theft victim

A stolen swing prompted a new Long Beach resident to reach out to her community in frustration. Now, she says the events that followed her post have restored her faith in humanity.

A swing with sentimental value was stolen off Wendy Wagner’s property in Long Beach on Saturday. Determined to find it, she posted on the ‘Residents of Long Beach’ Facebook page in search of help. “I never expected the amount of love and support from the Long Beach community that I got.”

Nearly 250 reactions and over 150 comments flooded Wagner’s post, with community members apologizing for what had happened and extending their help. “They immediately apologized. They said, ‘whatever you do, don’t let this be a reflection of the City of Long Beach.’”

Through Wagner’s post, a Long Beach woman offered to start a fundraiser to help replace the swing. “I just burst out crying. I couldn’t believe it. ”

The community outreach didn’t stop there. Another woman helped by searching social media until she found the swing on a Facebook ‘for sale’ page. Wagner’s husband then provided the Long Beach officer assigned to their case with the seller’s information as well as identifying marks that would assure them it was the right swing. “When it was located, she, the officer, used part of that description to be able to identify the swing.”

Now that Wagner was able to recover her swing thanks to the Long Beach community, she tells News 25 she would like to use the money that was raised to purchase a community swing for the Long Beach Town Green. “I reached out to the mayor and I hope that’s where the money ends up going, back to Long Beach where it belongs.”

Now the swing that reminded her of her late mother has an even stronger meaning behind it. “It’s going to mean home. This is where I belong. I know this is where I belong and it’s because of the people in Long Beach.

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