Fourth time’s the charm: Long Beach Bearcats win first boys soccer championship

The Long Beach boys soccer program has a painful history with the 5A state championship, having lost in the title game each of the last three seasons, but maybe fourth time is the charm.

Bearcats taking on Center Hill, the same team that beat them 2-1 last year.

Bearcats surrendered a late goal, but what’s a shut out compared to the program’s first ever state crown in the form of a 3-1 triumph over Center Hill. Head Coach Andee Wilburn said, “We played a good team with Center Hill, same team we had last year, and they were looking forward for coming in and meeting up with them again this year, so I’m proud of them. I’m glad we could finally get it done. We’ve been here four years in a row, so we finally got us one.”

Carlos Torres said, “Man, those two goals, I’ve been waiting four years for that. Them boys over there, we’ve been here for four years. It’s finally – I’m finally glad I got this opportunity. Thank you, Coach Wilburn, for letting me have the opportunity to play on this field, and I’m glad we had a season this year. We didn’t know if we were going to have one. But man, it feels good to get two goals in this state championship.”

The Bearcats finished with an overall record of 11-2-1, winning their last 11 games.

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