Lola and Friends Bunny Rescue seeking homes for abandoned bunnies

Abandoned bunnies have been popping up all over the Gulf Coast.

They may look cute and they may look cuddly, but many of these rabbits have been abused and abandoned, left in the wild to fend for themselves.

Lola and Friends Bunny Rescue of South Mississippi has 50 domesticated rabbits in their care. James Johnson with Lola and Friends Bunny Rescue said, “So, we just kind of want to get the word out there: don’t keep dumping the bunnies. They can’t survive. They’re not wild. They’re domesticated. They may look like they can last for a couple weeks, but they end up dying and they end up starving. And we’ve found these bunnies all along Pass Road in Gulfport, Edgewater Mall parking lot, by the aquarium in the city of Gulfport. And I’m not sure where they’re coming from, but people are just dumping them and letting them loose.”

Domesticated and wild bunnies are polar opposites, even down to the food they eat. Many of these rescued bunnies are injured, dirty, and pregnant.

Lola and Friends are at max capacity and are looking for people to adopt and foster bunnies. If you’re interested in adopting a rabbit, but you’re not quite sure where to start, well don’t worry about that, because they can help you find the right fit for your home.

Bunnies are very intelligent. They can be trained to do tricks and use a litter box. With plenty of room to roam, they are just like any other pet in the home.

With proper education before adoption, the Johnson’s hope fewer bunnies will end up in the wild. Sherri Johnson with Lola and Friends Bunny Rescue said, “Come see me. No question is a stupid question. Let me teach you, let me show you. And I promise you, you’ll go home with a happy rabbit and you’ll have a happy family. Cause all I can say is they have lots of happiness. And consider adopting because these babies have already been through the worst stuff, the worst half. And we want them to live happy, happy lives. So, come see me, let me teach you.”

Lola and Friends also need volunteers to play with bunnies. If you’re interested in fostering or adopting, visit their Facebook page.

You don’t have to know everything; you just have to open your heart to some happiness.

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