Logan Tanner Baseball Camp at George County High School

For the first time since becoming a national champion, Mississippi State catcher Logan Tanner returned to his hometown of Lucedale.

Today, the OmaDawg slugger made an appearance at a youth baseball camp being hosted at his alma mater George County High School.

From Louisiana to Alabama, 150 kids from kindergarten through sixth grade traveled to Lucedale for a baseball camp featuring Mississippi State catcher and 2021 National Champion Logan Tanner. Between batting, fielding, and pitching practice, players were given the opportunity to meet Tanner. Camper Caston Walley said, “You don’t see that every day. You don’t get to experience meeting a professional baseball player every day. Logan Tanner, he is the best catcher in college.”

Since heading to Mississippi State and winning the 2021 College World Series, the George County baseball alum has garnered a group of young admirers.  Camper Thomas Woodruff said, “My mom taught him in high school and we went to the College World Series games– all three of them and watched him play. I play catcher too. I wanna be able to catch like him.”

Tanner said, “I think the future is really bright. The kids here today have been really great. They’re all nice kids. They’ve all been good and respectful kids. It’s been really fun.”

Participants brought everything from baseballs to hats to bats to be signed by the former Rebel. “No hand cramp. Signature’s never been very good and I don’t think it’s getting much better today. I think it’s getting worse as the day has gone on, to be honest with you. But it’s been awesome.”

Returning to his old stomping grounds brought back some memories and emotions for Tanner. “It’s definitely has a little bit of nostalgia considering I started out Right Creek Little League which is right down the road. And coming here was awesome and just kinda brings back some old memories. It’s been really fun.”

Tanner says he’s looking forward to get back on campus and working toward another national title.

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