Locals upset over the cutting down of 200-year-old live oak in Ocean Springs

The two-hundred-year-old live oak tree that once provided shade to the playground at Fort Maurepas Park in Ocean Springs was cut down yesterday.

The Ocean Springs Board of Alderman voted on June 15th to take the tree down. The decision was made after multiple arborists recommended it be removed.

The decision was upsetting for many who argued that the live oak tree was there first and that the playground should be removed instead.

News 25 spoke to several locals walking along Front Beach who say they’re disappointed by the city’s decision. Ocean Springs resident Robin Mouzon said, “I was really upset when my mother told me they were chopping it down because we would pass by every Sunday and see the big oak tree. I asked if they had other options if they could reinforce it to keep it in the ground but they didn’t, they just chopped it down.”

Ocean Springs resident Briley Richmond said, “The decision-making process in this was incredibly poor. There was no urgency to take it down. The citizens were rallying to get money to make a save. They cut it down before we could save the tree. They were just dedicated to cutting it down from day one and I do not understand why.”

Now only the trunk of the live oak remains and the city is discussing the possibility of repurposing it for an art piece.

Ocean Springs is also in the process of adjusting their budget for tree care.

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