Locals rescue Hurricane Harvey victims

Some fellow Mississippians went the extra mile to help Texas and took a trip to the flooded areas and ended up rescuing more than 80 lives. News 25’s Taylor Rubach caught up with some members of the crew and has more on their relief efforts.
It was the picture that spoke volumes to Mississippi residents Steve Miller and Captain Ronnie Daniels, making the decision to lend a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey victims. After arriving in Texas on Monday, the two along with other members of the crew linked up with the Louisiana Cajun Navy and were quickly bombarded with cries of help. “We had people saying ‘help, my family needs rescue right now.’ ‘So and so is without oxygen. They’re 92-years-old. We need to get some help to them quick.’ Then the next person we came to, their children were there. There were people in wheelchairs and the water as still rising at the time,” said Miller.
“We ended up in Northeast Houston in an area called Tidewell and Beltway Eight. We got the boat in the water around 7. We ran non-stop til right at 4:30 that morning, getting 40 to 50 people out that night,” said Daniels.
After two hours of sleep, they were back at it the next day. “We ended up finding an elderly couple with two younger people and seven animals on the second flood of their home. We were able to get them out, get them to safety, get all their animals. That one really sticks in my head, the gentleman did not want to leave that house without his wife, but we had to assure him we were bringing her,”said Daniels.
Their entire rescue mission saved around one hundred people and about 50 animals, but they say it wasn’t for the glory. It was for something much more rewarding. “The desperation, whenever we pulled up and knowing that we could get them out of there and they were going to get out or the ones that we were able to call and say hey we’re coming, just sit tight, we’re going to get there,” said Daniels.
“This for me was important. I’ve been rescued so many times in so many situations by United States Coast Guard, by other boaters. If you’ve ever been in the water and you don’t have any way out, it’s great to see that face that’s coming to get you and I think it was one of those things where I just wanted to pay back what’s been done for me so many times,” said Miller.

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