Locals React to Mississippi Power Refund

Whether it’s by a lump sum or credit on future bills, Mississippi Power customers will soon see over $350 million returned back to them in refunds.
One local business owner says that’s a good start, but he’s worried the rate increases will start again. News 25’s Shelby Myers shares his story.
M&M Shrimp co-owner Mark Mavar has done the math and he’s not happy with the $117,000 in rate increases that his company has paid in the last two years. “Mississippi Power’s rates are about 24 percent higher than our neighboring public utilities and would be on average about $173,000 a year we would save.”
The $173,000 he could be saving comes from the average of power company rates in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and even northern Mississippi. Mavar says the rate increase due to the Kemper power plant has not been worth it so far. “The best part of Kemper County as far as economic development is all the rate payers getting their checks back,” said Mavar, “That will be the boost of economic development they’ve been talking about, I believe.”
Yesterday, the Public Service Commission ordered Mississippi Power to give customers back the rate increases that began in 2013, either by check or by credit on future bills.
Teddy Weathersby, another Mississippi Power customer, said, “I’d rather have it in a check. Cause we always need money. A refund, you know, it’s not doing any of us no good right now, you know I’d like to have a check in the mail.”
While customers are looking forward to the refund, Mavar says he’s worried rate increase could begin again as early as September and something long term has to be done to stop it. “That’s the reason the public utilities are regulated, they’re supposed to provide reliable service at the best possible cost to the rate payer and I don’t think that has been the mission of Mississippi Power lately,” Mavar said.
Mark Mavar says he wants his Mississippi Power refund back via check so he can grow his business.

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