Locals cook lunch for Memorial nurses to show appreciation

Locals gathered at Bayou View Baptist Church this morning to finish preparing lunch for our local health care heroes.

Volunteers first gathered yesterday evening and cooked through the night, making 1,300 meals for 800-day side and 500-night side nurses.

They had many donations in order to make this give back possible like a slow cooker and pulled pork from Hog Addiction and Daddy’s BBQ.

There were also many helping hands to bag each and every lunch so they could be given to the nurses.

For the volunteers, the least they could do is give their time to cook lunch for these nurses, considering how hard they’ve had to work since the start of the pandemic. Volunteer Angel Middleton said, “I come from a nursing background. I’m a registered nurse myself so I know and I really appreciate all they do every day and every night, all night long and all day long.”

Volunteer Bob Short said, “Our health care workers are the most important group of people right now and a lot of them work double or triple shifts. They’ve given up time with their families to take care of people.”

Volunteer John Rea said, “A year and a half into this and they’re still out doing what they do, risking their lives. Can’t say enough about what they’re doing for us. We stopped and somehow said thank you.”

All nurses received a pulled pork sandwich, apple, bag of chips, soft drinks, and a hand written thank you note.

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