Local Wells Fargo Donates Food to Needy Families

It’s the time of year when people focus on giving back and family togetherness. Dozens of students and their families at River Oaks Elementary won’t go hungry this Thanksgiving, thanks to the generosity of the local Wells Fargo branch.

Volunteers spent the afternoon packing boxes full of fresh, canned, and frozen foods to be given out to families in need so that everyone can enjoy the food and fellowship this time of year is known for. Many of the volunteers consider this project one of the best ways to give back.

Tina Gabriel, a volunteer from Wells Fargo, says, “We’re all living paycheck to paycheck, and we’re all spending our money on groceries and stuff and we see the cost of food going up and going up and going up and we know that eating properly is necessary for the kids to go to school and actually perform at their best level and accomplish the most they can out of that day.”

Shelia Rivers, a social worker at River Oaks Elementary, says, “This will be a great help. This is not just a hand out, but a hand up for our community and we’re grateful that our school could play a part in this."

The food was donated by various grocery stores around the Gulf Coast. Wells Fargo and the families at River Oaks are grateful for the gift.

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