Local veterinarians help to save poisoned kittens

A litter of kittens were poisoned in Biloxi, now they need your help to stay alive.

Two kittens are fighting to stay alive with the help of the veterinarians at Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital after they were poisoned with antifreeze. Dr. Alice Xenachis said, “Somebody put it in their water supply where their colony lives so they drank it. The antifreeze tastes really sweet and a few hours later they started showing symptoms. So, a Good Samaritan captured them when they were feeling okay and brought them in.”

The kittens were brought in around 1 o’clock on Sunday morning. Since then, the doctors have been working around the clock to give these kitties a fair shot at life. The doctors are using Tito’s Vodka as an antidote for the antifreeze. Dr. Jason Gulas said, “The ethylene glycol, there is an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that metabolizes the ethylene glycol and the Tito’s is going to when we give that IV it is going to use up a lot of that enzyme before, or hopefully before they can metabolize the ethylene glycol.”

While many vets might have immediately put these kittens to sleep, Dr. Jason and Dr. Alice believe that every living creature deserves a fighting chance. “We feel that someone has to help them and we have the ability to help them and they just came to us and we can’t just let them die.”

The vets at Fur Baby’s believe someone intentionally poisoned these feral kittens with the intent of killing them. They are now hoping to raise awareness about humane ways to relocate feral cats. “It is just inhumane and cruel. There are other solutions. If you are having problems with cats in the area just contact your local rescue group. Just contact them and they will help relocate if needed.”

If you would like to donate to help save these cats you can call Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital directly or you can donate to their PayPal at furbabysvet@gmail.com.

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