Local Tik Tok creator competes in cooking challenge

A local Tik Tok creator is competing in the Home Chef Throw Down Challenge for a good cause.

Matthew Bounds is cooking in the kitchen for a global organization called ‘Lasagna Love.’ The organization connects home chefs with people nearby who are in need of a hot meal.

Along with Bounds, a couple of other creators are competing in a total of six cooking assignments that take place every Thursday. With each assignment, creators have to use a product from a small business in their recipe.

Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who is a judge on the Food Network show ‘Chopped,’ loved the idea of the challenge and to help out, he donated some cookware and promotes the challenge on his Tik Tok. Bounds said, “We’re going to have three more every Thursday and then on the seventh week, the two creators with the highest number of votes will go head to head in a live cook off. So, real time, live. On that seventh week, the live we’re going to be doing giveaways. Please vote for your Coast native here.”

Each week you can vote for Bounds by donating a dollar to Lasagna Love’s website by clicking here. The first vote is free and you can follow Bounds on Tik Tok on @yourbarefootneighbor.

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